Rosé Wine – The Summers Most Underrated Drink

picnic with wine
picnic with wine

It’s time for the summer parties and enjoying the outdoors. Picnics and BBQ’s are all the rage and it is time for fun in the sun.

We all know that where there is a party going on, there is some sort of beverage (usually many sorts). Traditionally you will always find beer and wines, usually red and white and the occasional bottle of sparkling wine or champagne for the well-heeled. But, one wine is missing from many of these outdoor get together – and that is rosé wine.

This is, simply, a travesty to my mind and something has to be done. I believe, as do many in the know, that this beautiful pink wine could be the very best beverage to serve during the summer. It looks wonderful, it tastes great and it can be served with pretty much any type of food without worry of any guest thinking that you, the host, have no idea how to pair food and wine.

Before you pick a rosé (or “blush” as it is often referred as) you need to know a few things because firstly, you want to pick the ones with the right taste and secondly, you want to know what you are talking about when you r guests ask why you picked such amazing wine.

These pink wines can be sweet, dry or really, really dry – which is the way you will find them if you are selecting the traditional rose from a European country. You can also find them in sparkling form which I, personally, like very much.

You can find them in a whole range of shades and this is based on how they were made. The color is wholly dependent on how long the skin of the red grapes was left in contact with the juice during the fermentation process. The longer the contact, the darker the pink – and usually the more fruit taste in the wine.

shades of rose wine
shades of rose wine

The typical grapes used to make these blush wines are the same as you would find in a typical red wine – those being varietals such as cabernet sauvignon and merlot. You will also find that different countries will make use of different grape varietals and, as such, will create wine with different taste portfolios.  What will be the same, regardless of where they are produced is that rosés will be more subtle and have hints of citrus, raspberry, strawberry and a little cherry. This is what makes the perfect for summer consumption and why they are so easily paired with the foods one would traditionally serve during the summer months.

You should serve this wine cold. In fact, I like to keep mine in buckets of ice and keep extra ice handy so I can put a few cubes in the glass. While this may not be to everyone’s taste and does water the wine down a little, my personal preference is that it is served extremely cold – especially on hot summer days.

When finding the right rosé to drink and serve, you will find that there is not a lot of choice at your local grocery store. The best way to buy this wine is from a specialist wine shop or from an online wine store where there will be much greater choice and, probably, lower prices. You could even opt for joining a wine club where you can have experts pick wines for you every month. But, whichever method you chose, take time to learn about this great wine and your appreciation will grow considerably.

Lastly, while wine is traditionally, and typically, drank during the summer period, that does not mean you can’t and shouldn’t enjoy it all year round. This is especially true at home as you can keep it yourself and enjoy in those times where you just can’t find it on the wine list of the restaurants and bars you visit.

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